Friday, May 7, 2010

the day as a country girl :)

ok so maybe not so much...but i DID help my grandmother plant her garden this afternoon... and i drove a four-wheeler (with help from a five-year-old)... and i drank water out of a mason jar... and i wore a baseball cap. all legitimate country girl things to do, right?

Today has been pretty wonderful. My dad decided that I need to start looking for a new car since Max is getting too old for my dad's comfort, so we went on a daddy-daughter date to Columbus to test drive. That was only a teensy bit frustrating considering that I am HORRIBLE at making choices - and I really just want a vehicle to get me from A to B... a bike with a basket would be perfect...if i knew how to ride a bike... We ate at Mi Toro (phenomenal) and he asked me about boys :/ and then we rode home and went to Mamaw's to help with the garden.

Let it be known that I really like to play in the dirt - no thanks to my sister who wouldn't let me when I was younger because I would "smell like the outside." I also really and truly have some of the most adorable kids who ever walked the earth in my family. So while Dad and Mamaw and my uncle and older cousin planted corn and string beans and peas and butterbeans, I entertained the kids. We pretended to "bushhog" around the garden and we sang "The Wheels on the Bus" [sidenote: I thought of YOU, Miss Aly! I couldn't think of any other verses, so I started making things up!] and then Toby decided he wanted to take the four-io (5-year-old for "four-wheeler") up to Mamaw's house. I have not driven a four-wheeler in AGES. I never drove it much in the past thanks to more competent cousins who drove for me while I enjoyed the wind in my hair and pretended to be a princess, BUT after being reminded (by the five-year-old) how to work the machine, I drove around the woods behind my grandmother's back to her house. What an experience. I was utterly terrified snakes would come out of nowhere and eat us, but they didn't. Thankfully.

So. So ends a rambling post about today. Is there a point? Not really. But today did make me look forward to what I'll be doing this summer in Peru. A public relations guy from MC called me earlier asking questions about summer missions, and he asked exactly what I'll be doing. My response? "The catch phrase for summer missions is FLEXIBILITY. My project description is teaching English in the Andes mountains, but I'm really going to do whatever is needed. I just want to share God's love with a people who may have never heard." This summer is going to FORCE me out of my comfort zone. Cooking on a camp stove, washing clothes in the sink and hanging them to dry outside, working with BOYS at an orphanage... and it's AMAZING how God has already used these first few weeks of summer break to prepare me in incredible ways. So maybe I won't have to drive a four-wheeler this summer, but I have gotten to spend time with some of the guys in my family and basking in God's goodness in every aspect of my life. I can't wait to see what else God is going to do in the world this summer. It's going to be good. It already is.


  1. I just love you! I'm glad you're getting excited about the summer. Big things are waiting to happen!

  2. Mitoro is one of my favorite restaurants.