Monday, May 10, 2010

on the idea of training...

I just read a blog from Garaywa camp director Erica Hagar about her training to walk a half-marathon. I thought as I read - man, I really admire her! And then it kinda hit me that at some point this summer, I'm going to be walking a good deal in pretty high altitude...and how have I prepared for this? By sleeping late, lying around my house, reading Les Miserables, watching too many episodes of Say Yes to the Dress for anyone's good health, and eating junk food. All this is cause for depression in such an extrovert as I...

So tomorrow begins my "three-week resolutions".... Sure. Why not?
For the remainder of my summer at home, I so solemnly resolve to...
- get out of bed at a time of day which most people would consider to be "morning" - that is, around 9 a.m. :/
- spend time with the Lord first and foremost.
- GO OUTSIDE for at least two nonconsecutive hours at some point each day.
- watch less than one hour of television a day, zombie movie nights not included.
- invest in relationships - those with my family that I take for granted too often as well as those with random strangers.

Other than that... we'll see what happens.

Three weeks from tomorrow, I get on a plane headed to South America for two months. I'm taking advantage of every moment HERE to train for taking advantage of every moment THERE. No more missed opportunities. No more regrets.

Carpe diem. It's more than fish of the day.


  1. All of this motivation is making feel a little bit like I should do something.... except not really :) I'm enjoying life as a very unmotivated person while I can. I miss everyone more than is reasonable and am planning an imaginary trip to see everyone.

  2. yeah. i feel almost guilty. but not really. BUT...i LOVE say yes to the dress. we're horrible. that's all there is to it. but i'm glad to say today i've been productive. made cupcakes, made lunch, did dishes, and listened to pandora instead of tv. we're gonna make it!!

  3. proud of you. i made some resolutions like that of my own a few days ago....we can keep each other in check! i love you lil sis!!!

  4. Zombie movies are the best. you should practice killing zombies outside for one of those non-consecutive hours.

  5. I should probably get a three week resolution... One that involves running, because I'm going to Bolivia where there is also high elevation. AH.

  6. Awesome resolutions. As for Peru...the best way to acclimate is to be there. Nothing in MS except maybe walking with a heavy backpack and breathing through a straw is going to approximate the altitude. You'll be fine.

  7. Caleb: Maybe not killing zombies, but killing garden snakes with a hoe? Yes.
    Clinton: AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH. Thanks. haha!
    Aly/Ogles/Margaret: I love you all. very very very much.