Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

1. I like to drive on the Natchez Trace and listen to folksy music...even if I'm headed to an eye doctor's appointment.
2. Eye doctors are not scary or confusing when you joke and laugh and talk about school with them before they make you make a thousand choices about which line of letters looks less blurry when they all look just as blurry no matter what.
3. There is no Taco Bell in Madison, MS. Tragic.
4. MaslowPestalozziPiagetVygotsky - how come all these cool education-y people have really funny last names? Will Cockrell be added to the list? :/
5. I want to be a ballet dancer. Dance is my love language.
6. Ice cream is good for the soul. Especially when it has cheesecake and strawberries in it.
7. Spiders are funnier-looking but just as creepy when you name them Spielburg.
8. I have some really really really really really amazing friends.
9. I kind of don't want tomorrow to get here.
10. "Be still and know that I AM GOD - I WILL BE EXALTED in all the nations, I WILL BE EXALTED in all the earth."

So. I've had a really good day today. Obviously. And also quite obviously, it's late. And I've been studying. a lot. But I have successfully written a really cheesy philosophy of teaching and a really cheesy list of 10 thoughts running through my head today. (I've also had the name M. Night Shamalon stuck in my head. Have no idea if I spelled that right. It's just stuck in my head.)

Tomorrow? Tomorrow is the see-you-later day. I refuse to say goodbye because my God is bigger than goodbyes. At the beginning of this school year, two girls whom I love so dearly did not know my Jesus. And now they do. So no matter what continent they end up on, tomorrow is NOT the last time I see them. PRAISE THE LORD!
I know for a fact that every time I eat sweet potato casserole or hear the phrase "cotton-pickin" or call myself a lazy American or hear anyone talking about an angel, I will have a bittersweet feeling that reminds me of friends on the other side of the world. I am so incredibly incredibly thankful for the experiences God has given us.
Seasons come and go. My God never changes.
And He doesn't do it for me. He isn't the great constant God of the universe because I need Him to be. He does it because HE IS GOD. He is good for His own name's sake... the One who created the universe and calls the stars by name and holds everything together... He is so worthy of our LIVES, living sacrifices...
And because of His great love for us, though we are so undeserving, when we seek Him, we WILL FIND HIM, and we will celebrate with Him for eternity...

Angela, Tina, Semi, and Laura - I will miss you all so so so much more than I can even say. I praise God that He brought you here this semester - I just wish He could have let you stay LONGER! Know that I am praying for you as we go. Continue to follow after God wholeheartedly! I can't wait to hear and see the amazing things He does in you and through you. I love y'all! <3

Ok. Goodnight!


  1. 1. Spiders are much better when you name them
    2. You're the greatest
    3. ... Yeah, I got nothing.

  2. okay, so the end of this post almost made me cry.

    also, i feel like i can envision your entire day just from your list, maybe only because i'm from madison. did you visit dr hill, then go to coldstone??

    p.s. i miss you.