Friday, July 9, 2010

sad day.

well. today was our last day with Los Magnificos. saddest day ever. but it is SO good to know that God´s plans are so much higher than our own.

Tuesday - class. amazing! taught about the life of Moses from birth to the Red Sea with student involvement (SO FUN) and mucho más.
Wednesday - class in Mancos and great Bible study time back in Yungay - Juan Luis´s dad came! Reaching out to kids most DEFINITELY draws their families, too! Before now, he hasn´t been open to the Gospel at all... and now he´s attending church on his own - seeking to know the Lord... incredible. Juan Luis also went to the doctor Thursday to get his cast off his leg. Hooray!
Thursday - class in Yungay - taught David and Goliath - HILARIOUS. audience participation is the way to go. Kids are learning. They are sharing with others. And they are seeking to know more!! Afterwards, we girls decorated the church for a going-away party for the guys and Hilda and Maria set up the food - chocolate-manjarblanco-chocolate-fudge cake, lemon pie, arroz con leche (which is like rice pudding) and mazamorra morada (YUM) with chicha morada to drink. DELICIOUS. and we girls dressed up like Los Magnificos and presented our favorite catchphrases in skit form. Boy, are we going to miss those guys.
Today - last lunch with the guys - LOMO SALTADO, of course - and sent them off to Huaraz, then Lima, then the JUNGLE. PRAY for them - not only that eating monkey and bathing in the river doesn´t kill them, but that they will reach people who have never heard with the Gospel. Went to Mancos after and taught class and had Bible study with Alice and her family. And now. Mac and cheese for dinner.

But WAIT! There´s MORE!

Kelsey Kern from Mississippi is joining our team in Yungay next week! WOOT WOOT! As are two(?) girls from Georgia! Hurrah! God still has plans for Ancash. I can´t wait to see what the next two weeks have in store.

And that brings up another problem. We only have two weeks left. Seven classes in Yungay. Six in Mancos. And I cried today when the GUYS had to say goodbye to the kids. This is going to be one of the hardest things I will ever have to do... leaving in God´s hands the things I don´t know, the things I can´t control... praying for Maria (Hilda´s sister) and her continual work with kids in this area... praying for the kids and their continued discipleship... praying that the plans GOD has for us will be the plans we follow - not the plans we make for ourselves.


  1. I miss you tons and tons! I'm praying for you and your team as you guys start to wind down in Peru. God is doing BIG things all around the world and it's WONDERFUL! Much love to you!

  2. woah, 2 weeks left? So sorry. Sometimes I hate when time marches on.

  3. 2 weeks!! sorry... But I know that you still have lots to look forward to. Even when you get back home! :)