Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lima Peru is GREAT... Chinese food here... not so much.

Well, folks. I am here. And I absolutely LOVE this city. I´m not even sure where to begin.
Christie and I met at the Jackson Airport Tuesday, said goodbye to the parents without tears (!), and praise the Lord caught every flight we were scheduled for - and even had time for a ´´healthy´´ lunch of pretzels and m&ms. We had a really great time getting to know each other and sharing our crazy excitement for finally being on the way to PERU.
We arrived at like 11:45 p.m. ish and got through customs so smoothly. Rode a bus to the hostel and bsaically went to bed.
Now for the introducciones. My teammates are INCREDIBLE. Krista is a sophomore TESOL major at Union and is absolutely hilarious AND she has a huge heart for the Lord and making sure she is obeying Him without ulterior motives. Caitlyn is EQUALLY HILARIOUS and amazing and is a super senior at Oklahoma (she reminds me a lot of you, LIZ! bio major and teensy bit germ-a-phobe and so very wonderful). We are ALL definitely on the same wavelength, which makes serving together this summer so much more exciting.
There is also a Kevin LaFoosh lookalike here named Mark and a Jaci Shoemaker lookalike named Stephanie and believe it or not a DYLAN MCLEMORE sound-a-like named Sam. not even kidding.
Foods. Oh this is fun. Yesterday we went to a very NANDO´s esque restaurant and i ate BEEF HEART and it was absolutely delicious. more tender than any steak i´ve ever eaten. last night, we had chinese. sigh. and i´ve heard chinese here is supposed to be wonderful. it´s no better than london. bleh. but now that it´s out of my system and i´ve made a contract with my teammates never to eat chinese food again, i´m feeling much better. ew. gross.
also, aly, the lady you will be when you grow up is here - miss liz is HILARIOUS and she has aly hair and she tells stories ALMOST as well as you do and it´s so so great. o you remember how paranoid she can seem? yesh. it´s hilarious.
Liz! We watched UP last night in Spanish. and I teared up for you.
matthew 5-7 has been our theme the past few days, and it is beautiful. God has been providing in all kinds of crazy ways - with my team and with peace and better health this morning after a night-full of trials. our God is so good. we´re here to share that with a people who are some of the most beautiful i´ve ever seen. their stares and their whistles and their horn-honking have stolen my heart. (and not in a creepy way). this is good, this knowing you´re serving the Lord of lords and King of kings thing.
i may not update until we get settled in yungay (which is actually pronounced more like ´´young guy´´) but please please be in prayer for our travel - we leave monday on a bus, spend the night in a village pretty close to yungay and arrive to start ministry on tuesday. pray that my team continues to bind together like we have so far and that we really will seek to serve each other. pray for our translator noemi and susana who is opening her home to us. pray for pastor joel and hilda that they will continue doing GOOD, even when it is not easy. and pray that our God will do more than we could ask or imagine only for the sake of His name in all nations.
until the whole world hears...


  1. I am SO glad that you've made it safely. I miss you more knowing you're so far away! Ahhh! Have fun, relax, go crazy. MUCH LOVE!

  2. im so happy for you amber!!! i miss you so much! but your serving god so thats what is most important! please be safe, but have fun!!!! you and your intire team are in my prayers, as well as the people you will be in contact with!
    love ya girl!

  3. Hurrah! I'm so excited that you're there safely and loving it! Wish I could be there with you, but I'll just have to settle for praying for you!

  4. GAH! If that Swedish teacher is young enough, bring her back, I'll marry her. If she's not young enough, bring her back, I'll marry her.

  5. caleb is a creeper.
    ammie! isn't it fun to be the out-of-place white person? we are SO conspicuous here. it's great. I missed you a lot today as i went to little india and saw the sights there. i'm glad you made it safely. know that i'm praying for you! love you so much, my favoritest roomie

  6. Such a cool post; makes me happy for you and happy for Lima and Peru. I hope you get to hang out at Larcomar in Lima and enjoy some Starbucks while you're there. You're in my prayers this summer.