Saturday, May 22, 2010

we said YES to the dress[es]!

Today, I went shopping with Heather and her mom to look at wedding dresses for Heather's wedding... and we found the PERFECT ONE! No details for now - Jonathan is not allowed to know :) - but it's going to be good! [I found a really pretty bridesmaid dress that I'm excited to wear too! But that is merely secondary.]

For a girl who doesn't like to shop, I've gone shopping altogether too much this weekend. Friday I went to Jackson with my grandmother for her doctor's appointment and we shopped for some "grown-up dresses" for my precocious seven- and five-year-old cousins. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed shopping for them (even though I really DON'T like shopping for myself). I suppose it's because shopping for others feels like living out an episode of "Say Yes to the Dress" or "What Not To Wear" to me - thanks to tooooooo much TLC this summer break so far.

In other news.................

There was a plane crash in India today... pray for the victims' families, that they will turn to God in the midst of their loss... and for those eight who survived, that they will recognize God's hand and His purpose in their lives....

Also, had God not changed my plans, I would have been on a plane there... today or tomorrow... PRAY for those who WILL be serving in India this summer... as well as in other places all around the world facing political unrest and less-than-perfect circumstances... thankfully, our God is sovereign over circumstances... :D

Also, there have been two earthquakes in Peru in the past three days. :)

Things are happening. I'm incredibly excited to start happening, too.

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  1. STOP WATCHING THE NEWS!!!! AND if you do watch it DON'T post it on the internet for the rest of us to read. I don't have time to worry about your safety any more than I already do, okay? okay.